life begins at 40

Life truly begins at 40. Really ?

Life Begins At 40. We see this meme everywhere, stating that our lives really begin to get interesting at 40 onward.

Back in the 1960s, the average life expectancy in the US was only 70, but according to the World Health Organization, life expectancy went up to 79 in 2016. So at 40, we are only halfway there.

We are no longer the cool young chick or dude in our 20s, but yet to be senior citizen old. Heck, we can’t even get a senior discount at a decent buffet !

Back in my twenties, I was just learning the ropes and how to survive in a working environment straight out of university. I was young, naive and gullible.

I spent my 30s building a family and my own business career. That took up 100% of my time. My only focus was my young children and growing my business from scratch. I kind of forgot about myself. Days and nights passed by very quickly and now here I am.

Now in my 40s, my business is running by itself, my children are growing and my finances are stable . It’s time to spend more time on doing things I really want to do.


life begins at 40

Here is why I truly believe that life begins at 40 for people in our age group.

1. People Listen To Our Opinions More Now

When we were in our 20s, we just followed commands and instructions. When we were in our 30s, we were busy asking how do we do this and what to do. For example, how to potty train our toddler or how to climb up the corporate ladder faster.

At this stage, we are wiser and more experienced. Now in our 40s, we are the ones people come to for advice and they value our opinions more.

2. Our Children Are No Longer Babies

Goodbye changing diapers and potty training ! I don’t know about you, but one thing I really hated was to wake up a few times a night to make milk for my babies. This cycle went up till the age of 4 for my 3 kids. I was sleep deprived on most days and tired all the time. Thank god those days are over !


life begins at 40

3. We are more financially stable

I am not saying we are billionaires like Larry Page, the founder of Google who is the richest man in the 40s age group .

At this stage in our 40s, we already got our housing loans mapped out, we already have cars and maybe some money saved up. Or some of us even have some great investment done up and passive income is pouring in. We live more comfortably now compared to the struggling young days. We can afford more things now.

4. We may not look our age…yet

Our grandparents aged much faster back in their days. Nowadays, we can keep aging at bay with staying active and getting a healthy dose of anti aging supplements and creams.

Even though looking pretty is not your thing, we still can stay healthy and beyond our aging years with bone and joint supplements, brain boosters, heart supplements, energy boosters and so on. New technology and cutting edge supplements are now my best friends in staying ahead of my age.


life after 40

5. Sex Is Still Good

Myth : Sex Stops In Our 40s

Truth : We Still F*ck In Our 40s

The truth is we never did stop enjoying sex. For some, menopause (in women) and andropause (in men) may decrease their libido and have less or totally no sex. But for most people like me, we are more comfortable in our bodies now and we know how and what we want in bed. Now, there are no more crying babies in the middle of the night or chasing after the corporate ladder, and this makes us more relaxed.

6. We Now Know Who Our Real Friends Are

After living 4 decades, I am sure you and me have been through not only good times but also quite a few rough times. Those friends that did not leave us and helped us through those tough times are our real friends.

I find that I am now more selective of my circle of friends and just don’t bother being overly social. Quality is better than quantity.

7. We Know What We Like And Want

We have fine-tuned our tastes and desires. We no longer have to “give it a go”, and try silly things such as bungee jumping or skydiving because we know they are not much fun (or in my case super scary! ) Sometimes, we may splurge on some expensive stuff, but what the heck! We deserve it !

8. We Don’t Care Much About What People Think Of Us Anymore

I spent my 20s trying to ‘fit’ in the crowd and trying to please everyone. I was worried about what people would think of me. When I was raising my young kids in my 30s and also when I was just starting my business, many people had many opposing suggestions for me to follow.

“You shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that ”

“Why on earth did you make this decision….”

“People may think you are a ……..”

Blah, blah, blah

I followed my own path, and here I am. I am sure by now you are like me. We have reached a stage where we have done what we needed to do, and we do not really care what people think of us anymore. We dictate our own lives and how we run it.

life begins at 40

9. We Finally Have Time To Do Things That We Like

We have climbed the corporate ladder or our business is already stable. Our kids are growing up. Our home is established .

It is time for us to do the things we really wanted to do but had to forgo for the sake of family or money or career. You can start traveling to the places that you always wanted to go, start piano lessons or even get a pet for companionship.

For me, I stumbled upon blogging. I took a great online course and I slowly built my skills in writing. I started this out as just a pet project but it developed into something bigger, and now I am earning passive income with this.



Now that life begins at 40, its time for us to do the things we always wanted to do.

Let’s have some fun and live life our way!


Do you believe that live begins at 40? Share your comments in the comment box below.

life begins at 40

Jacky Kong
Jacky Kong

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    2 replies to "9 Reasons Why Life Begins At 40"

    • Taetske

      Good afternoon Jacky,

      Reading your article it reminded me of the time I was 40. That is quite a time ago as I am 68 now. I thankfully can say I am happy and healthy with some more life experiences lived. Your post also reminded me of my Mother who when turning 40 proclaimed, now I do what I want.
      On turning 50 she said it is getting better as now I really do what I want.
      On turning 60 she said if I do not put on my glasses I do not see the dust.
      You are right with a certain age one finds out who are your real friends and one gives less importance to what people might say about you.
      I enjoyed your post and wish you happy future years.

      Regards, Taetske

      • Jacky Kong

        I am glad you enjoyed my article. I am honored this article reminded you of your mom. All the best for your golden years too!

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