turning 40

I turned 40 last year.

I was not easy for me to admit that I had passed the big “40”. I thought I would stay young forever (in a fairy tale world ! ) but I didn’t.

In my 20s and 30s, I was busy building my career and growing my family. I have 3 very active children now, by the way. My husband and I were constantly chasing time, learning new skills and growing our business. Time passed by very quickly, and now here am I, admitting to the whole world that I am already 40.

turning 40

What Happened When I Turned 40

I am sure this may sound very familiar with you.

What I noticed when I turned 40 ( or few years before that ) :

  • I was not as energetic as I used to be
  • I gained some weight around the hips and belly
  • I had more frequent aches and pains than I used to
  • I healed slower than I used to
  • I was more forgetfull
  • White hairs started to appear
  • Minor wrinkle lines appear when I smile

Some of my friends and pharmacy patients also complained to me that :

  • Their blood pressure / blood sugar / blood cholesterol levels were getting higher
  • They got sick more times per year compared to when they were in their 30s
  • Their sex libido changed ( mostly their sex drive got lower, one had their libido increased)
  • Their menstrual cycled became unstable
  • They get more tired easily
  • Their taste buds changed
  • One guy said he lost his Six-Pack

Physical and mental states will also change. I heard of cases where people get into depression or some other mental issues. Some got happier and more confident of their life. All changes may vary from person to person. What I experienced and you experienced may not all be the same.

Story of My Friend’s Mid Life Crisis

turning 40

One of the most dramatic changes that could happen is developing a mid-life crisis.

I had a friend that suddenly thought that he was not satisfied with his current state of life.

He then gone along to join the gym (for the first time in his life!) , bought flashy clothes and accessories and then used a huge chunk of his savings to buy a fancy sports car! He spent more time going clubbing and drinking ( in a club college students frequent) I didn’t know if he gotten himself a new girlfriend or not ( I am sure his wife would have told me )

But the ending of the story goes, after spending more than half a year in this state, he came to his senses. He realized that he used a major chunk of his kid’s college fund to his own fancies. And now I really hope he is happy with his family.


[If you have noticed more changes in your body when you are in your 40s, feel free to share with me by adding into the comment boxes below]

Aging : Oh No!!!!

Well, this is a natural part of aging. Aging does not only mean getting wrinkles and white hair. Aging involves not only skin, but also our internal organs and overall health, as well as mental sharpness.

We can’t stop the aging process, but we can certainly delay it. We can also modify the course of aging by tweaking our lifestyles and taking supplements. Eating as healthy as we can nowadays is not enough to slow the anti-aging process. We need supplements, lifestyle changes, creams and exercise.

I Am Still As Sharp


turning 40

Actually being 40 is not neither too young nor too senior-citizen old. We are actually in our prime right now.

I am sure you are still as sharp as you were when you were in your 20s or 30s. Or perhaps sharper now, as life experiences make us make wiser and make more calculated decisions. We sort of know what works and what don’t in a way.

I find that I am more careful now and not as reckless as I used to be. Gosh, thinking back on all those stupid decisions and mistakes I made still makes me cringe.

And I wish to take care more of my health and my family now.

My Personal Advice

Now that our careers are stable, our kids are growing up, its time to focus on ourselves too.

My personal advice to you is to :


Eat more healthily,

Get more regular health checks

Take supplements,

Stay healthy

Stay sharp


Feel free to comment below if you have any thoughts on this topic.


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