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This is my personal journey discovering cow’s milk allergy in babies.

Of course I learnt it in pharmacy school, and I read it from medical brochures. I thought I was a know-it-all in all medical topics. But nothing prepared me for this topic until I had my third kid.


[ Watch my video on how I came to find the best alternative to cow’s milk for babies with cow’s milk allergy ]

Baby Developed Constant Runny Nose

When I had my third baby and had to start working, I started him on a mixture of breastmilk and infant cow’s milk formula. Then, I discovered that he started to develop a constant runny nose . The mucus was clear and watery most of the time and kept dripping out of his nose.

cow's milk allergy


I brought him to a famous pediatrician in a big hospital and the doctor prescribed saline nasal spray and anti-histamines . When that didn’t work, I changed to another pediatrician and she gave another dose of similar medicine. This went on for 2 months with absolutely no differences in his status.

I grew frustrated .

Diagnosed As Cow Milk Allergy

Then one day I brought my baby to the nearby pediatrician .  He immediately pinpointed that my baby was suspected to have cow’s milk protein allergy. I told him it didn’t occur to me as he did not have all the clear cut cow’s milk allergy symptoms. He did not have eczema or some stomach upset symptoms that was the most common sympton in cow’s milk protein allergy.

cow milk allergy symptoms

Typical Symptoms of a Cow’s Milk Allergy In Infants

  • rashes
  • coughing
  • stomach upset or colic
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • itchy, watery, or swollen eyes
  • eczema or skin allergies
  • nose allergies or runny nose


Apparently, the doctor told me , based on his experience, most babies that are allergic to cow’s milk will only display one or more symptoms . Not every baby is the same . Some may display all the symptoms and some may only display only one of the symptoms, like my baby’s case of just his runny nose.

Alternative To Cow’s Milk

At first, I started my baby on a famous soy milk infant formula brand that is very popular. This brand was recommended by most of my friends as there was TV ads on it at that time . He did not take it well and developed diarrhea and tummy upset. So, this shows that famous products may not be the best fit for your kid. Every kid is different . Don’t compare your children to other people’s children.

I went back to the doctor, and the doctor prescribed Novarice Infant Rice Formula from France. Back then, nobody heard of this product and I was thinking should I let my baby try it. This product is a rice based milk, and most people , Caucasians and Asians had no problems with digesting rice. And the nutritional content of the this infant formula seemed pretty good.  I just went ahead and started this rice milk formula on my baby.

alternative to cow milk


Results Finally!

This was one of the smartest move I made. The runny nose disappeared almost instantly by the 3rd day. Proves that changing to rice milk formula really works! In my personal opinion (and my baby’s ) Novarice is indeed the best alternative to cow’s milk formula.

Now my baby is a healthy active 4 year old boy . He is still on Novarice Rice Milk as this milk only comes in Step 1. There is no Step 2 or Step 3 for bigger children and the doctor said just to continue taking it until he stops milk.

alternative to cow milk


If you need to try the best alternative to cow’s milk baby formula , you can get Novarice Rice Milk from Ebay as they ship internationally.

alternative to cow milk



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    • Wendy

      I am so glad that your sweet little boy is feeling better. I had to give my kids formula as babies because I wasn’t able to breastfeed. They didn’t have a reaction thank goodness. But it is nice to know rice milk is a good alternative. I’m sure other Moms will find this post very valuable.

      • Jacky Kong

        Actually almost everyone would just try soy milk if they think they can’t take cow’s milk. But rice milk is a great alternative but have little exposure. Thanks for your comments ,Wendy.

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