brain pill review

Lately, I have been getting more forgetful.

I was forgetting what I was supposed to say mid-sentence, forgetting appointments and took some time to recall very recent stuff. The worst case was when I was frantically searching for my handphone in my handbag and thought I had lost it, when I had just put it on the handphone holder to use it for GPS navigation in my car.

I mother’s side had 2 aunties who had dementia and being accused of losing my memory really freaked me out! I told myself that I had to find a solution for this.

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brain pill review

What To Take To Improve My Failing Memory?

I went looking for a memory supplement that works and like most people, I asked around and scrolled the internet looking for the best memory supplements. I wanted high quality ingredients, proven track records, a trustworthy manufacturer and of course, prove that it works. Most supplements out there are so full of hype and BS that I almost gave up looking.

I almost settled for a cheap memory pill from Amazon but then my cousin recommended me Brain Pill. She told me her husband and her who ran a large scale ecommerce business had been taking it for almost half a year. Like me, constantly having lack of sleep and high stress had made her more forgetful and harder to focus on her multiple tasks. She told me to trust her and it really worked for her.

Actually, I didn’t buy the supplement she recommended immediately. I researched the product thoroughly and it is one of the few memory supplements out there that combines the best brain boosting ingredients all in one pill. Just by buying each of the ingredients in Brain Pill and taking it all together would be a waste of time and money (plus you had to swallow a hell load of pills!)


brain pill review

Criteria To Choose A Good Memory Supplement

I am a fussy person in choosing what I put in my mouth. And as a pharmacist, I would naturally want the best for myself to keep me in the sharpest mind conditions.

My criteria for choosing a good memory supplement would be :

  • Good quality ingredients
  • Scientifically proven
  • Manufacturer has a good track record
  • Others have tried it before and said it worked
  • Combination of multiple ingredients in one pill
  • Money back guarantee (Shows that the manufacturer is confident of their products)

It seems to me that Brain Pill ticked all the boxes above.


Brain Pill Ingredients

brain pill review

Brain Pill combines more than 13 best brain boosters in the market today.

1. Citicoline (Cognizin) – rejuvenates the brain

2. Bacopa monnieri (Synapsa) – stimulates memory building cells

3. Huperzine A (Huperzia Serrata) – increases alertness

4. Vinpocetine – increases blood flow to the brain

5. Gingko Biloba – improves blood circulation to whole body including the brain

6. PS (Phosphatidylserine) – improves mood and concentration

7. DHA – prevents memory decline

8. Vitamin B12 – prevents memory loss

9.  L-Tyrosine – improves focus & concentration

10. L-Thenaine – improves energy levels and reduce stress

11. Vitamin B6 – improves nerves and brain function

12. Folic Acid – prevents memory decline

13. Pantothenic Acid – reduces stress


brain pill review

Brain Pill Review After Taking 4 Boxes

After so much research, I finally bought it at .  At this moment of this blog, I have taken 4 boxes of Brain Pill and starting to take my 5th box of Brain Pill. Here is my Brain Pill review.

I started taking 1 Brain Pill in the morning and 1 Brain Pill in the evening as guided.

brain pill review

For the first few days, I thought I would experience some earth shattering differences or would grow instantly smarter.

I didn’t.

After a few weeks, I noticed I was not so easily tired by mid day working and less irritable.

I didn’t become an instant smart rocket scientist overnight, but now, I don’t easily forget stuff or lose my keys much and I can focus better at work. I feel I can absorb information easier and recall things slightly faster than I used to. I feel not so easily stressed out too.

My cousin warned me that she felt more thirsty taking it initially, but I didn’t feel any of the thirsty side effects at all. It really depends on the individual .

So, does this stuff really work? Well, I feel that Brain Pill really works but don’t expect miracles to happen overnight. It will take some time for the effects to kick in, and don’t expect supernatural brain powers or something.


Should You Take Brain Pill?

If you have a memory problem, I would recommend you to start taking it as soon as possible to prevent your memory problem from getting worst. Our brain is the most important part of our body and we need to keep it in the best shape.

It may be a bit pricey, but as I said earlier, there are so many high quality ingredients combined in one pill here that is totally worth your money.


What are your thoughts on memory loss supplements and Brain Pill ? Write them in the comment box below.

Brain Pill


Reduces Forgetfulness


Improves Memory


13 High Quality Ingredients


Reduces Stress


Increase Focus



  • More than 13 high quality ingredients in one pill
  • Improves memory & reduces forgetfulness
  • Reduces stress
  • Have 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Made in USA


  • Not Cheap
  • May cause thirsty mouth in the beginning
  • Takes a few weeks to work

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