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Best Exercises for People Over 40

6 Best Exercises for People Over 40

Who would want to stay young forever? Well, I’d be the first one the put up my hand. But the sad truth is, nobody stays young forever and we do age. However, we can age slower...
life begins at 40

9 Reasons Why Life Begins At 40

Life truly begins at 40. Really ? Life Begins At 40. We see this meme everywhere, stating that our lives really begin to get interesting at 40 onward. Back in the 1960s, the...

When To Test Blood Sugar

  You suspect your blood sugar is getting higher or your family has been nagging you to get your blood sugar checked. Or maybe you just need to know whether your blood...
best memory supplements reviews

Best Memory Supplements Reviews

Does this sound familiar to you ? You forgot the person’s name…again. You forgot your keys or wallet… again. You wanted to do something or say thing , but...
turning 40

Turning 40

I turned 40 last year. I was not easy for me to admit that I had passed the big “40”. I thought I would stay young forever (in a fairy tale world ! ) but I...